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Debunk the myth! midget colony, New Britain...?

New Britain, Connecticut, at the end of Long Swamp Road over the highway bridge. A sign outside warns outsiders not to enter. The usual legends of rock-throwing midgets predominate, but there have also been multiple sightings of "an eight-foot-tall man with a red beard," contributing to the legend that "Midgetville" is government land given to circus freaks long ago and established under similar laws as Indian reservations.

it's supposed to be up the hill from a DMV...?

Was this ever true at any point? A friend of mine sent me this and I have no desire to drive out to New Britain for any reason

There's a midget who works in my local supermarket, he's very nice (we chat about produce occasionally) but I really don't want to ask him, I don't want to hurt his feelings.

PS I think my friend got this off the WierdUS site, but I'm not sure

ETA : Same question asked on Yahoo! Answers apparently there is some semblance of truth here but I'm still not driving out to New Britain to find out.

ETA just for the LULz: I was thinking, do I actually KNOW ANYONE who lives in New Britain? and the only person I could think of is former congresswoman Nancy Johnson, who stands a trollish four foot eleven. But I don't think she's a pygmy or a midget, I think she's just really short.

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